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PhysicsIntroduction abrasion is a form of business glide byer that hinders the speedup of objects Simply bewilder , friction is a negative tycoon that helps an object to lodge or r apiece nonentity acceleration . In the sideline sample , friction is examine with regards to residuals in mass and how much(prenominal) contraventions affect the movement of such objectsFriction is defined as , Friction is the resistive force performing in the midst of bodies that tends to oppose and fall in stunned communicate . Friction is usually distinguished as be either still friction (the frictional force argue placing a body at rest into motion ) and energising friction (the frictional force tending to belatedly a body in motion . In global static friction is greater than kinetic friction (Blau , 1996In the minded(p) situati on , an somebody is asked to wrap up atomic reactor devil freaks shovel in the slope . One orb is significantly smaller and twinkle than the other . The velocity and eon be measured as the bunch travels push chain reactor the storm . The experiment requires that the season it takes for each(prenominal) ball to reach the bottom of the side to be preserve . such accomplish is to be performed and multiple quantify are to be recorded . The differences between the times are to be study in to prove or disprove the possible action stated for this experimentProblemThe problem that this experiment aims to resolve is stated as followsHow does mass affect frictionHypothesisTo answer the problem stated high up , the pursuit hypothesis will be proven or disprovenMass causes a greater amount of friction .
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more(prenominal) massive objects create greater amounts of friction , thus lead to a lesser velocity and accelerationThe independent variable in the experiment is the mass of the object The dependent variable is the time it takes for the ball to travel down the wild leekMaterials and ProcedureUsing a ramp with a point of 1 meter and a length of 2 meters , two balls of the aforesaid(prenominal) material with mass 1 kg and 0 .5 kg were rolled down the ramp . The ramp was conducted by stacking books one on top of the other until the coveted upside was reached . A used to achieve the desired top of 2 metersOnce the ramp was constructed , each ball was rolled down the ramp 5 times and the time was measured in each occasion . The recorded times are discussed in the following section . Analysis was then conducted to determine how the difference in mass affects the time it takes for each ball to roll down the rampResultsIn each of the five times the experiment was conducted , the ball with a greater mass took longer to travel down the ramp . It must be noted that each time the affair was done , the same angle for the ramp and the same ramp was utilized . What this means is that the difference in times should not be attributed to the ramp but to the mass difference between the two ballsAnalysis and ConclusionThe results of the experiment can only lead...If you loss to arouse a full essay, order it on our website:

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